Getting Started

With CopyCat you can add as many fields as you want to the most common Shopify objects, such as:

  • Products
  • Pages
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Smart Collections
  • Custom Collections

To access the CopyCat settings page, click on the shopfy application banner in your shopify admin.

CopyCat can be found under the "apps" section of your Shopify admin.

The Default Editor

Choosing the default editor will cause CopyCat to always pre-select that editor when creating new fields in the settings dashboard.

Set the default editor before adding fields.

Creating/Editing/Deleting Fields

Click the green "Add Product Field" button to create a new field for a product. Add a title and select what editor you would like the field to use.

The "Liquid used for display" is a generated snippet of liquid code that you can use wherever you want the content for the field to be shown in your template.

To remove a field click the red button to the right of the field you would like to delete.

All the different Shopify objects are grouped into sections.

Field Types

Rich Text Editor

The rich text editor aims to provide as close an experience to the native Shopify editor as possible.

Should feel very familiar to Shopify users.

Markdown Editor

Markdown is a plain text format designed to be easily converted to HTML. It' a great way to manage web content.

CopyCat provides an advanced Github Flavored Markdown editor that includes a real time preview, and easy access to documentation on how to use markdown.

The best way to manage content on the web.

HTML Editor

For those times when nothing else will do, CopyCat also supports storing raw HTML.

When in doubt....

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